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Make money from your Instagram Stories.

Have over 10,000 Instagram followers? Make the most of your ability to add links to your Instagram stories and earn commissions from leading brands and retailers.


Within the Influsion Dashboard generate your Influsion link by selecting a retailer and pasting the product’s URL.
Copy your Influsion link and paste into your Instagram Story Web Link. Share your story.

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Once you have met our criteria to ensure you and your content matches our strict values, you will gain access to our innovative platform.

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Using our link generator link to any partnered brand's product page with your tracking details in place. Copy your link to your stories allowing your followers to use the swipe up functionality.

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Our automated systems track revenues earned for retailers and commissions are issued to influencers. Influencers have the ability to post as often as they like and earn unlimited commissions.

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Use our calculator to see how much you could be earning every month through Influsion.

All calculations are estimations and are based on sharing a tracking link to your following daily.


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