In a recent report by Influencer Marketing Hub, read here, 92 percent of marketing agencies confirmed the effectiveness of Influencer marketing. With global spend expected to reach $10 billion by 2022, up from $2 billion in 2017, Influencer marketing has quickly become a focus for retailers, brands and agencies wanting to grow their brand awareness, traffic and revenues.

Influencer Marketing

Previously, relationships with influencers were difficult and costly to manage whilst brands found it difficult to measure the success of their influencer campaigns.

Many factors can negatively affect the performance of an influencer marketing campaign. Here are just a few:

  • Selecting influencers who aren’t aligned with your brand, or wouldn’t normally use your product.
  • Not evaluating the influencer’s target audience alignment before partnering up.
  • Pushing a rigid script on the influencer, rather than collaborating on a creative approach they feel will resonate with their fans.
  • Failing to set clear terms and timelines for your agreement.
  • Publishing blatantly promotional, hard-selling content that turns off fans.
  • Not setting up proper tracking, URLs or landing pages beforehand.

Historically, brands are expected to pay upfront fees to influencers for a post without knowing the real return. Brands often also having to issue promotional codes to incentivise their followers and provide a way to measure success. This ultimately decreased profit margins and devalued products.

Influencer + Affiliate marketing = Influsion

The merge of Influencer and Affiliate marketing via a platform such as Influsion allows brands to work via a performance-based relationship with Influencers – only paying for commissions on sales. Influsion provides up to a 900% ROI for brands who use the platform whilst allowing all links to be fully tracked and reported on.

It’s a whole new world for Influencers too. Influencers using Influsion are provided access to promote brands and products they wear, use and love creating genuine content that resonates with their following. They can access hundreds of brands that are already signed up including the likes of Seafolly, Lorna Jane, New Balance and Adairs.